"I believe Lea could find you the right employee even in your practice was at the North Pole.  She has our highest recommendation."- Dr. Michael Macaluso

A unique approach to personal placement for the dental community

Our personal visits to your office enable us to refine the candidate options by gathering important information about your specific office climate, philosophy, and team dynamics. You will find that, unlike the rest, we are committed to:

• Quality over quantity 
• Meeting with the Dentist and staff to get to know the specific needs and personality of the office in order to place a well-qualified potential employee
• Creating a fee schedule that accommodates the small business owner
• Thoroughly reviews all applicant resumes and conducts in-depth, personal interviews to assess the experience level, personal goals, and personality of each candidate.

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 "I place my trust in Lea Murphree of Docstaff. She has been able to place the finest dental professionals which match our level of quality patient care." -Dr. Michael Landry

Let us help you find Talent
Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We'll simplify and develop a hiring process that you can count on.       

​​"I'm so glad we have an agency we can trust, so that we won't ever have to cancel a day of production again."  -Emily, Office Manger